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ICO Speaks

ICO Speaks imagen de grupo
English 98.885
About us:—————We connect investors with promising blockchain projects.—————————————————We Do:————The best ICO/IEO Reviews. Airdrop Promo, Blockchain News.Token Sale, Marketing, Consulting.🌍News @icospeaksnews🌐Website

Binance English

Binance English imagen de grupo
English 96.755
Binance announcements: Other Languages: Please type /communities in the chat to find our other communities. Beware of scams. Never provide your private keys/phrases to anyone.

Triwer Technologies

Triwer Technologies imagen de grupo
English 72.922
Official channel for Triwer Technologies

ETHplode Stay Home

ETHplode Stay Home imagen de grupo
English 65.691
$ETHPLO - a deflationary ERC20 token burning 0.5% on wallet transfers 💥Trading on

Buy Telegram Group Members

Buy Telegram Group Members imagen de grupo
English 63.125
Marketing tool for Telegram Group in 2018. We will help you easy to administer and build the user community in your Telegram group at the lowest cost and save you the most time.🌐Website:☎️Support: @ToolsSupportManager


Python imagen de grupo
German 58.763
You will be muted until you read the rules. Read them! @PythonRulesA group about the Python programming language.Offtopic things go here: @pythonofftopicResources to learn python: @pythonresGroup for Hy: @hylangSelenium: @SeleniumPython


AXEL imagen de grupo
English 53.046
Home of the AXEL project. Distributed, decentralized and secured by Masternodes. Welcome to the distributed future.

Maya Preferred 223 - Maya Coin

Maya Preferred 223 - Maya Coin imagen de grupo
English 52.745
La descripción no se proporciona

Biggest Interwealth Movement

Biggest Interwealth Movement imagen de grupo
English 51.725
This is the Only official General Group for BIM.Our Project's Name is BIGGEST INTERWEALTH MOVEMENT(BIM) and we have a Non-Government Organization called BIGGEST INTERWEALTH MOVEMENT FOUNDATION which uses the Token called BIMCOIN for all her operations.

🔥Gric Coin🔥Farm Partner 🔥

🔥Gric Coin🔥Farm Partner 🔥 imagen de grupo
English 47.888
Gric Coin is a decentralised open source currency that is created with focus on the Agriculture Farm Partner, allows investors to make use of Gric Coin and Farm Partner token as payment for live farm project and earn returns on their investment.

AlphaTradeZone® Signals

AlphaTradeZone® Signals imagen de grupo
English 43.760
Exclusive analysis, news, education and signals on Crypto. Main Channel: @AlphaTeamSupport

The Ivy Project - Official Channel of ivy and ivyKoin

The Ivy Project - Official Channel of ivy and ivyKoin imagen de grupo
English 33.294
Cryptocurrency Chat Group


逗比据地根 imagen de grupo
Chinese 32.171
一群逗比的大家庭!请遵守以下群规: - 禁止刷屏 - 禁止传播谣言 - 禁止打广告 (包括机场) - 禁止讨论政治/宗教 (100%撕逼) - 禁止讨论/宣传任何 VPN/代理网站 - 禁止讨论色情、暴力、血腥、赌博等详细解释请见:对以上群规的有异议的自行退群,不退群则代表同意以上群规定。————言论自由是以不影响他人为前提。————逗比根据地 更新通知频道 : @doubi_a

[ DX30 ] 🦁 Likes Only 🦁

[ DX30 ] 🦁 Likes Only 🦁 imagen de grupo
English 31.652
Actives Engagement,, @activesimbaHappy Engagement!

Projecton (XN35)

Projecton (XN35) imagen de grupo
English 31.427
Revolutionizing CRM using blockchain twitter:

ICO Experts

ICO Experts imagen de grupo
English 30.293
ICO Experts Group.Open discussion about crypto currencies, blockchain and ICOs.If you want to advertise in this group contact Admin: @poutintsevFor ICO marketing check:


ICO LISTING imagen de grupo
English 29.270
List your Project and share all the benefits with investors.We will create an Amazing Hype around your Project, and will discuss it.🌎News Channels: @btcchamp@ieopools—————————————————🗣Advertising: @Jack_12W


Cryptoknowmics imagen de grupo
English 23.845

Aces High - CN [EN]

Aces High - CN [EN] imagen de grupo
English 23.506
All About Cryptos. News, Giveaways and more. 🤓Subscribe Now 🌎

Bitbns Community 🤝

Bitbns Community 🤝 imagen de grupo
English 22.982
Bitbns is India's easiest and fastest way to trade cryptocurrencies!Website: https://www.bitbns.comTwitter: @BitbnsAnnouncements


DFINITY imagen de grupo
English 22.590
The Internet Computer - A blockchain computer with unlimited capacity, incredible performance and algorithmic governance, shared by the world — Cloud 3.0

Mohan Online Satta✍✍

Mohan Online Satta✍✍ imagen de grupo
English 21.696
RADHE©:RADHE©:RADHE©: 🙏JAI SHREE RADHE🙏🏆 WORLD SATTA CLUB 🏆₹10 rs. ke 950/-₹100 ke 9500/-₹200 ke 19000/-₹300 ke 28500/-₹400 ke 38000/-₹500 ke 47500/-

Python 中文交流

Python 中文交流 imagen de grupo
Chinese 21.551
分享心得,共同进步进群请认真阅读置顶信息加入即视为您遵守以下规则:禁止广告、招聘、引战、开车、拼车、黑产、灰产、过激言论、离题话题、作弊及有偿任务,将警告或封禁。吹水或编程起步请移步: @coder_ot本群使用 SCP-079,相关 SPAM 处理标准请见:长段代码请使用 pastebin 展示误封申诉: @SCP_079_TICKET_BOT友情联盟: @coderzh

Crypto Pump Group

Crypto Pump Group imagen de grupo
English 20.571
Official Crypto Talk Group.🚀🚀Join our Pump channel🚀🚀 know pump coin name earlier ☎️ @APGLOBALS


HEX imagen de grupo
English 20.551
HEX. The first high interest blockchain certificate of deposit. FREE for Bitcoin holders! Stake it till you make it!

AUD Official Group

AUD Official Group imagen de grupo
English 19.281
Rewriting The Future of E-commerce on

Bitcoin Belarus 🇧🇾

Bitcoin Belarus 🇧🇾 imagen de grupo
Russian 18.596
Белорусский чат о криповалютах, блокчейне и всем, что с ними связано! Каждый в этом чате готов делиться своим опытом. Задавайте ЛЮБЫЕ вопросы! Не говорит государство, говорим мы✊️


qiibee imagen de grupo
English 17.543
qiibee. Loyalty on the blockchain.

Caspian Tech

Caspian Tech imagen de grupo
English 17.321
Caspian is a complete asset management solution that covers the full lifecycle of the trade. It is an institutional grade trading platform for traders. To learn more, you may visit: Join the discussion here!

Google Voice 交流群

Google Voice 交流群 imagen de grupo
Chinese 16.484
讨论 Google Voice 号码使用的方法、技巧,以及提供相关服务资讯、商家介绍等不允许任何推广和政治内容推荐群组管理机器人:@SCP_079误封申诉: @SCP_079_TICKET_BOT推荐群组:@google_fi Google Fi 交流群@pythonzh Python 中文交流@cpluspluszh C++ 中文交流友情联盟: @coderzh


CPAMethods imagen de grupo
English 16.415 is a website that offers brand new CPA Methods, courses/tutorials, Landing pages, SEO tutorials/courses and other money making methods

Cryptinos Chat

Cryptinos Chat imagen de grupo
Armenian 16.297
Powerful Signals based on Expert Analysis , Strong Indicators, Tested Strategies .Channel Signals : @CryptinosVIPCryptinos get notified when Binance assets get unusual amount of buy/sell activity.Channel : @CryptinosAdmin: @CryptinosAdmin

Ixinium XXA Official

Ixinium XXA Official imagen de grupo
English 15.712
La descripción no se proporciona

Element Zero Network

Element Zero Network imagen de grupo
English 15.514
Element Zero is a not-for-profit next generation payment network based on an algorithmic stablecoin creation platform. [Please, No Solicitation, all such messages will be deleted]

#MetaHash International

#MetaHash International imagen de grupo
English 15.107
Fastest and most decentralized cryptocurrency on #TraceChain protocol. ⚡️💰Learn more -> ⚡️

Tachain – (EN) Official Group

Tachain – (EN) Official Group imagen de grupo
English 14.969
Official site: WWW.TACHAIN.IOOfficial bounty group: @Tachain_BountyOfficial news channel: @Tachain_Channel

[Dx10] LikesKingdom

[Dx10] LikesKingdom imagen de grupo
English 14.834
Welcome to LikesKingdom Engagement Group!READ 📌the pinned message📌 before engaging or use the command /rules to to know the main rules!Follow the Admins:

ChangeBot (ru)

ChangeBot (ru) imagen de grupo
Russian 14.393
Болталка для пользователей @BTC_CHANGE_BOT


Whalepool imagen de grupo
English 14.021
Interact with traders worldwide on a variety of platforms:- Teamspeak: Web: YouTube: Twitter:

Verge Currency

Verge Currency imagen de grupo
English 13.844

Maars Search Engine

Maars Search Engine imagen de grupo
English 13.725
Join the community & start earning maars @ - Blockchain Search EngineForum: https://forum.maars.comAnnouncments:

All Mall Group | EN

All Mall Group | EN imagen de grupo
English 12.941
All Mall an international Group for users from all over the world, who want to sell or buy various productswww.allmall.cowww.allm.shopContact@valeess

JavaScript Jobs — чат

JavaScript Jobs — чат imagen de grupo
Russian 12.435
JavaScript Jobs — чат для поиска работы и людейПравила оформления:См. также: @mobile_jobs, @devops_jobs, @nodejs_jobs, @react_js, @angular_ru, @js_ru


Nimiq imagen de grupo
English 12.129
Nimiq: Easiest cryptocurrency!Try it: safe.nimiq.comWhitepaper & Roadmap: https://forum.nimiq.communityRules-> Channels -> /channels@Nimiq_bot (Type it in the group)

SKD Bimbel BTW

SKD Bimbel BTW imagen de grupo
Indonesian 11.966
La descripción no se proporciona

QA — вакансии и аналитика рынка вакансий

QA — вакансии и аналитика рынка вакансий imagen de grupo
Russian 11.930
Вакансии в сфере QA.Большой чат: @qa_ruРезюме: @qa_resumesФинансы: @qa_finСлухи: @qa_bad_companyФлуд: @qafloodПравила оформления вакансий в закрепе.

Utopic Coin - Make a Chance!

Utopic Coin - Make a Chance! imagen de grupo
English 11.730
Utopic Coin - Make a Chance!


WCSE R&A TALKS imagen de grupo
English 11.683
WCSE is a place to be, where experts calls are backedup with sound Technical and Fundamental analysis. We believe in team work, for maximum trading success!Our Daily Updates: @wcsechannel @wcserussia
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