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Ripple XRP

Ripple XRP group image
English 42,522
https://ripple.comhttps://twitter.com/ripplehttps://reddit.com/r/ripplehttps://www.xrpchat.comNews: @RippleAlerts中文群: @Ripple_CNXRP FAQ: https://t.me/Ripple/550224Crypto FAQ: @CryptoFAQsListed in: @Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies


WavesPlatform group image
English 25,669
We are building a next-generation web that works for all, with a decentralised toolkit for online services - bringing greater privacy, security and convenience.News Channel:https://t.me/wavesnews_Home: https://wavesplatform.com/

The Coin Farm

The Coin Farm group image
English 15,323
Cryptocurrency TA *Traders* & BTCVIX ref links — not Bitcoin maximalists, fundamentalists, or serial bagholders. https://www.reddit.com/r/TheCoinFarm/Join @Crypto chat if youre looking for specific groups.

STRYKZ Official

STRYKZ Official group image
English 15,254
This is the official group for STRYKZ token sale event. Here, you will be the first to find out about the sale in a few weeks. Stay tuned for exclusive info about the whitelisting process.


æternity group image
English 9,990
aeternity.com is a blockchain 3.0 smart contracts platform build for scale & user-friendlines. It features Bitcoin-NG consensus mechanism, Cuckoo Cycle PoW, Layer 1 integrated off-chain state channels, naming system, oracles & functional smart contracts.

(the) English Club

(the) English Club group image
English 8,803
This group is open to anyone to practice English. Group's active hours UTC +7● Our group for speaking practice at @englishclub_talk● and channel at @englishclub_resources● Rules https://t.me/the_englishclub/1634076Partner Channel @katalogtelegram

Ethereum Classic ETC

Ethereum Classic ETC group image
English 7,571
https://www.reddit.com/r/EthereumClassichttps://twitter.com/eth_classichttps://ethereumclassic.orghttps://gastracker.io / https://etherhub.ioListed in: @Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies

Redmi Note 4/4X

Redmi Note 4/4X group image
English 7,365
Type "/rules" (without quotes) ,the bot will PM you the rules.Combot ID: https://combot.org/chat/-1001117196419Channel :-@rn4downloadsOur off topic group:-@xiaomiotOur customization group:-@customizationOur Photography group:-@rn4photography

Siacoin SC

Siacoin SC group image
English 7,147
https://sia.techhttp://twitter.com/siatechhqhttp://reddit.com/r/siacoinhttp://slackin.sia.techActive Admins: @CryptoBuu & @shadymehListed in:@Crypto > @CryptoCurrencies

Civic Network Supporters

Civic Network Supporters group image
English 6,641
Official Civic Network Telegram channelCivic.comOfficial Announcements: t.me/civicnewsNo stickers and advertising.Informative links:https://tokensale.civic.com/CivicTokenSaleWhitePaper.pdfhttps://goo.gl/s8BQZZ


COMMENTS- GGM group image
English 4,840
GGM Network Comment group | Like + comment


IndiaBits group image
English 4,274
Indian Crypto Community https://indiabits.inIndiaBits Chat : telegram.me/indiabits |IndiaBits Rules: @indiabitsrules | Offtopic : @IndiaBitsOT

Stickers Chat 💭

Stickers Chat 💭 group image
English 3,955
🚀 @stickersChannel Chat!❗️1 sticker/mask per Pack➡️ You can use @sticker inline bot to share stickers🔎 Make your own #request🔞 NO ADULT CONTENT⚡️Powered by @S4Dynamics

>>> telegram.Bot()

>>> telegram.Bot() group image
English 3,438
This group is for questions, answers and discussions around the python-telegram-bot library and, to some extent, Telegram bots in general. Off-topic group: https://telegram.me/pythontelegrambottalkWebsite: https://python-telegram-bot.org


Writers group image
English 2,257
🗨👥 Writers Help Writers Community! A dedicated group for writers. ✑Official Bot: @WritersClubBotOur Channels:• @WritersCafe• @PensivePostOff-Topic: @tgTag🌐 @tgWeb Network

Mi FC Kerala

Mi FC Kerala group image
English 1,916
This is the Official Group of Mi Fans Club Kerala ⏩Official Announcement Channel @mifckeralaofficial⏩Ruleshttps://goo.gl/XcT9pmRegards, @karthik_cmk , @AmalmuraleeMiFC Kerala Presidents


Trollbox group image
English 1,814
Welcome to telegram trollbox, there is a combination of 4chan & crypto trader members.No Porn & No Disturbing pictures like gore, yes for trollbox to survive we need to keep it clean.Listed in:@Crypto > @CryptoCommunities


English 1,624
MAVRODI MONDIAL MOVEMENTMMM is a global community of financial aid n donation exchange. MMM is a community of ordinary people,selflessly helping each other.You can register through 👉 http://nigeria-mmm.net

Viola English chat

Viola English chat group image
English 1,573
It's a group for people from all over the world to practice English - and make friends - that is organized by @violaclub and @violaschool. Please, follow the #ViolaRules and speak English only.

The WIP Zone

The WIP Zone group image
English 1,534
Stay inspired by discussing all kinds of SFW creative Works In Progress. Sewing, sculpting, craft, fursuits, costumes, artwork & more! Like an online studio space with others!Rules & participation info here: http://telegra.ph/Info-on-The-WIP-Zone-07-29

Anime Chat [EN]

Anime Chat [EN] group image
English 1,379
Welcome to the International Anime Community Group. Make yourself feel at home here and have fun! Rules: https://t.me/anime_en/818652Admins: @MikaSenpai @Vano64 @Itachi @Turttrise @theolice

Flyme | Meizu Global ChatBox

Flyme | Meizu Global ChatBox group image
English 1,279
🔰 GLOBAL FLYME | MEIZU COMMUNITY 🔰Talk with people around the world about meizu devices!🔥 Supporting: Flyme 5, Flyme 6 and Flyme 7 🔥👇 Official Links👇Flyme Chatbox: @FlymeChatboxFlyme Channel: @FlymeTelegramFlyme Firmwares: @FlymeFirmwares

OnePlus 5/5T: The Chatroom

OnePlus 5/5T: The Chatroom group image
English 1,241
Welcome! Check the links below and enjoy your stay!• Rules: http://telegra.ph/Rules-for-OP5-07-01• Announcements: @op5news• Other Popular OnePlus Device specific Groups/channels: @OnePlusPortal


XDA OT group image
English 1,179
WELCOME XDA OTIANS To XDA OFF TOPIC CHAT GROUPIt's The Largest & Oldest XDA OT Of TelegramJoin our portal - @xdaotgroupJoin Our Main Channel - @xdapirates

Cryptogene Chat

Cryptogene Chat group image
English 1,149
Cryptogene - Cryptocurrency Community💡Largest cryptocurrency community in AfricaListed in @CryptoGroups > @CryptoCommunities


DINTCOIN ICO group image
English 1,078
Description is not provided


🌹🌷Floofers™🌷🌹 group image
English 943
@FloofersRulesTLDR RULES: - SFW - Don't spam- No advertising - Don't be a butt@floofernsfw@floofersmarket@furtheryourartCreator: @vapordog~3/25/15~

Kenya Chats

Kenya Chats group image
English 797
A group for Kenyans to share, connect, inform and network.No porn, gore, racism, tribalism, do not share t.me links. Keep it cordial. If you need an Admin send @admin in the group.

Magnax🌐Trading Chat

Magnax🌐Trading Chat group image
English 741
Description is not provided


ETHIO CLASHERS group image
English 678
Description is not provided

Chatroom International

Chatroom International group image
English 653
Rules:@chatroom_internationalChannels:@chatroom@chatroom_music@meanwhileinrussia @gifcollection @stickers_collection@memaksekiGroups:@gifchat@music_chatroom@chatroom_sukablyat для русскоговорящих

OnePlus 3/3T General Discussion

OnePlus 3/3T General Discussion group image
English 617
- GROUP FOR ONEPLUS 3/3T GENERAL DISCUSSIONS ONLY -RULES:Language : EnglishNo spam. No adult content. No personal abusing. NO PIRACY. No excessive use of stickers.Only full black dp allowed.Enjoy.

Talk Series and Movies

Talk Series and Movies group image
English 612
Discuss and recommend the TV shows and movies you watched or are watching.

⚡️Moto G⁴/G⁴ Plus⚡️

⚡️Moto G⁴/G⁴ Plus⚡️ group image
English 564
Be friendly and follow the rules.Announcements: @athene_news

Move to new LS discussion Group

Move to new LS discussion Group group image
English 504
Welcome to the discussion group for L Speed!To any newcomers, we're so sorryChannel: https://t.me/L_SPEEDxda-developers: https://forum.xda-developers.com/apps/l-speedG+: https://plus.google.com/communities/114615858954464149084

Kampung Maifam Global

Kampung Maifam Global group image
English 490
Official Group of @KampungMaifamBot for global user@kumpulanlink


English 425
We provide reliable platform to invest your money.https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEGlNeP6Sa7ptyySPw if u want us to pin ur site kindly contact us @Bosslight @casspa

Social Media Market

Social Media Market group image
English 422
Buy / Sell Market🔥 Twitter🔥 Instagram 🔥 YouTube🔥 Facebook🔥SnapChat Pm Me ( @DonovanilaADMIN ) Scammers Owner: @DonovanilaADMIN

🤖 Bots Development Chat

🤖 Bots Development Chat group image
English 388
🚀 NEW @botsChannel Chat▶️ Do you need a professional bot? 👤 Contact @S4Bots🤖 Share your Telegram Bot🗣 Talk about bot Development🇬🇧 Chat in English onlyℹ️ No Advertising❌ No Spam🔞 NO ADULT CONTENT⚡️Powered by @S4Dynamics

YU Community | OFFICIAL

YU Community | OFFICIAL group image
English 347
For offtopic discussion join here@yu_offtopicFor tomato ROMs and update@tomato_updatesAny problem use @admin to report to admin

LeEco Le1S Official Custom Dev Group

LeEco Le1S Official Custom Dev Group group image
English 323
This is the Official Group for LeEco Le 1s(eco), we do development for this device.


#lounge group image
English 308
welcome to #lounge - a telegram/irc hybrid - enjoy your stay :3see /rules@lounge6697botirc: irc.6697.euanonymous chat: @generalloungebotquotes: @loungequotesdiscord: https://discord.gg/WYASmACminecraft: creative.omnidan.net, survival.omnidan.net

Swift Off-Topic Group

Swift Off-Topic Group group image
English 303
Welcome to the Swift Off-Topic Chat!Go hamNo NSFWNo promotions (except themes)Have an AvatarNo PiracyNo Drama pleaseBe Nice to everyoneAlphabet tings onlyPer (not you Johansson 😂) and Davide are the Gods here and Rawad (occasionally)!

Inside Windows™ Community Chat

Inside Windows™ Community Chat group image
English 287
English only.No begging.No NSFW.No spam or advertising.No Politics fights.Don't be rude and respect each other.Keep discussions on topic.

Undertale chat

Undertale chat group image
English 273
No spam, no offensive behavior, no porn / nsfw.The group Lang is English. Don't use another.Allowed moderate flood and offtop.No stickers / gif flood.

Moved to @whateverww

English 202
~Dead Group~Please move to @whateverww


BetaChat group image
English 200
An Insane Internet Tech Communitybetachat.netRules: betachat.net/rulesAnnouncements: http://d.pr/6zx1BCOM: betachat.net/bcomStats: betachat.net/statsIRC: irc.betachat.netMore Groups & Channels: betachat.net/join

PC & Tecc

PC & Tecc group image
English 183
A community for PC enthusiasts, Bitcoin miners and techies.Phone Chat: @PhoneChatFull rules - /rulesGeneral Rules:- Do not Spam- Be Nice- No NSFW content- Don't post excessive GIFs- No group links allowedFor full rules type /rules.
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