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AXEL group image
English 59,007
Home of the AXEL project. Distributed, decentralized and secured by Masternodes. Welcome to the distributed future.


Hackplayers group image
Spanish 3,456
Hacking e in-seguridad informática.It's time to play!

Informática Forense

Informática Forense group image
Spanish 2,966
Grupo dedicado a la informática forense.

InfoSec - es

InfoSec - es group image
Spanish 2,577
Description is not provided


Spanish 2,161
Grupo de seguridad informática Aquí estamos para aprender seguridad entre todos.# normas #Sentido común no spamNo link a grupos No flodear sin sentidoMantener respeto a los demasNo bots Admin @CrisSecurity


SecurityCast group image
Portuguese 2,113
Grupo Oficial do SecurityCast para discussão sobre Segurança da Informação -

Anti Virus Free ID

Anti Virus Free ID group image
Indonesian 1,549
Komunitas Pengguna AntiVirus Gratis Indonesia@WinTenGroupEst, Senin 23 Apr 2018

F5 - Experts

F5 - Experts group image
English 1,430
Description is not provided

Hackers en Español

Hackers en Español group image
Spanish 1,293
Grupo de Hacking en EspañolBlog oficial:

Loser Hacker ®

Loser Hacker ® group image
Spanish 1,201
★Hacking ★Tools ★Cracking ★Programming ★Freenet ★Phishing★Sniffing★Doxing★SQL Injection★ Vps★Vpn★Spoofing★Botnet Canal Oficial: @LoserCanal

Hardware Hacking 🇧🇷

Hardware Hacking 🇧🇷 group image
Portuguese 1,092

Kali Linux en Español

Kali Linux en Español group image
Spanish 941
Grupo oficial de Kali Linux en Español.Sitio oficial:

CrackSLatinoS [CLS]

CrackSLatinoS [CLS] group image
Spanish 857
Grupo solo de ingeniería inversa.Revise: @cls_infoRespetoSentido Común.


SecOpsTeam group image
English 724
We are here to help, guide, learn, stay connected and be updated in the field of Cyber Security.We do have Channel -

Cyber Security - Information Security - IT Security - Experts

Cyber Security - Information Security - IT Security - Experts group image
English 690
Expert Group to exchange information about Cyber Security / Information Security / IT Security. Ask anything you want to know and help people that kindly ask for support. NO advertisement allowed. Zero tolerance. Please behave, be kind and supportive.

Chat Security / ИБач чат

Chat Security / ИБач чат group image
Russian 593
Чат канала @ibachОбсуждение всего, что касается информационной безопасностиПравила:

Security Espresso

Security Espresso group image
Romanian 294
Official Security Espresso community chat.Job postings group: @secespressojobsFor non-security related discussions: @secespresso_offtopicAlso on:


Chinese 283
技术|讨论|提问|少水群规: 禁止18+; 禁广告包括aff, 用户名广告; 禁任何形式的政治,包括某些令人反感的贴纸; 其它内容随管理意。

Parrot Security Linux en Español

Parrot Security Linux en Español group image
Spanish 274
Grupo Oficial, Original, Único, Irrepetible y un sin fin de etcéteras de Parrot Linux Security en EspañolWeb oficial del proyecto:

Hacknomus v1.1

Hacknomus v1.1 group image
English 215
We are Hackers...We are the one please its all that no one will hack each other in group..We Share tools of hacking..No Spam..No Silly Questions..No any other languages...Only "ENGLISH"Only tools,tricks and method of Hacking.

Hackers Valley chatting

English 207
Join this paid channel and get daily hundreds of premium accounts. Also cracking tricks, combos, proxies, and hacking tools and tutorials much more. Click Here

💻 Hack & Exploit 💶

💻 Hack & Exploit 💶 group image
English 165
I share trojans, ransomware and exploits created by me !You can sell all your hacking related stuff.I will organize OPS to hack big servors.§ømetïmes it's fr€€.@N4n0xD4y't share your viruses or ban)

Technology FAQ

Technology FAQ group image
English 141
Support and get support for IT related FAQ, for System Administrators, Security Professionals etc#technology #FAQ


Ⱨ₳₵₭ɆⱤ₴ ⱤØɄ₮Ɇ group image
English 30
Description is not provided

YouTube Creators ❤️

YouTube Creators ❤️ group image
English 17
For all creators 🥰

Minecraft Community DE

Minecraft Community DE group image
German 5
Description is not provided

Migración a XMPP

Migración a XMPP group image
Spanish 2
Antiguo grupo de GatoOscuro, migrado a XMPP
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