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AXEL групове зображення
English 51696
Home of the AXEL project. Distributed, decentralized and secured by Masternodes. Welcome to the distributed future.


RECRUITMENT 2020 групове зображення
English 4509
Опис не надано

Python, ML & DataScience

Python, ML & DataScience групове зображення
English 3971
Python Programmers Adda 24/7 to learn python programming from beginners to advanced. If you are looking for starting your journey in Machine Learning / Data Science, then join us.Resource - @python_resources_iGnaniPractice - @python_projects_repository

Malaysia Cyber Defence

Malaysia Cyber Defence групове зображення
English 2226
Group ini adalah salah satu rangkaian Perak Technology yang merupakan platform benteng pertahanan siber negara bagi menangkis serangan-serangan siber dari penggodam dalam dan luar negara.@peraktechnology

Telegram Party

Telegram Party групове зображення
English 2054
Get Help and Support, Information and News about Telegram. Talk about IT and Other Stuff. Thats is OffTopic. Just Have Fun ! Biggest Telegram General Related Chat :3

Placement 2021 100% guaranteed ✅

Placement 2021 100% guaranteed ✅ групове зображення
English 1888
Help group for coding in C/C++/Java/Python. Content can be placement related or in general. Check the pinned message. Be respectful!Paid materials are also shared here from time to time, so join this group and keep a look!

Hacktorial Discussion Forum

Hacktorial Discussion Forum групове зображення
English 1769
Опис не надано

Python Malaysia

Python Malaysia групове зображення
English 1717
Group Python Programming Malaysia ini adalah salah satu rangkaian Perak Technology yang diwujudkan bagi membantu rakyat Malaysia untuk memahami dan mempelajari dengan lebih mendalam mengenai bahasa pengaturcaraan Python.@peraktechnology

Bandar Meru Raya

Bandar Meru Raya групове зображення
English 1513
Kumpulan Telegram Bandar Meru Raya merupakan komuniti online yang diwujudkan oleh Elania Resources bagi menyalurkan maklumat, berita dan aktiviti yang berkaitan dengan Bandar Meru Raya dan sekitarnya.

F5 - Experts

F5 - Experts групове зображення
English 1489
Опис не надано

Ionic Framework Malaysia

Ionic Framework Malaysia групове зображення
English 1485
Group Ionic Framework Malaysia adalah salah satu rangkaian Perak Technology yang diwujudkan bagi membincangkan berkenaan pembangunan apps dengan lebih mudah dan pantas menggunakan Ionic Framework.

Cyber Security - Information Security - IT Security - Experts

Cyber Security - Information Security - IT Security - Experts групове зображення
English 1284
Expert Group to exchange information about Cyber Security / Information Security / IT Security. Ask anything you want to know and help people that kindly ask for support. NO advertisement allowed. Zero tolerance. Please behave, be kind and supportive.


TechTalks групове зображення
English 882
Tech Talk community, where we are trying to cover all technical talks/topics related to Dev's, DevOps, Design, Android, iOS, Digital Marketing, Security, open-source contribution. Inshort try to cover most of the tech domain.


SecOpsTeam групове зображення
English 854
We are here to help, guide, learn, stay connected and be updated in the field of Cyber Security.We do have Channel -


sudobyte групове зображення
English 744
🛡️Owner of Sudobyte: @cyberian_arj🛡️Visit our blog:🛡️Awesome stuffs 📳🛡️Hacking tutorials, PDFs, top rated courses and hacking stuffs for 🆓🛡️For any queries direct message the admins! We are always ready to help you

Freelancer World

Freelancer World групове зображення
English 650
In the world of internet, we NOMADS are uniting for the better good. You are freelancer looking for clients? Or you a company looking for job done? Join here and discuss!


QAIndia групове зображення
English 614
QA India ! UniteHere we share job postings , prepare for interviews and share tips/techniques in QA.Please follow following guideline while sharing any job ...QA job # location : # titleCompany : Title : Requirement:Responsibility:Apply:


English 608
Affiliate group of @hacking_courses...ALL PAID COURSES FOR FREE.❤️ ॐ नमः शिवाय ❤️SUPPORT OTHERS TO GET SUPPORT.

Hackathon Updates

English 597
Get the information about upcoming online offline hackathons . So this is a group dedicated to find the hackathon update. If anyone get to know any hackathon. Please ping @kavingates to list your hackathon.

System Design and Architecture

System Design and Architecture групове зображення
English 533
Discussing patterns & best practices of Internet systems / architectures


Apple групове зображення
English 525
Calling all Apple users! Join us for product discussion, leaks and troubleshooting! Eat the forbidden fruit!

Hacknomus v1.1

Hacknomus v1.1 групове зображення
English 433
We are Hackers...We are the one please its all that no one will hack each other in group..We Share tools of hacking..No Spam..No Silly Questions..No any other languages...Only "ENGLISH"Only tools,tricks and method of Hacking.


ANTI SCAMMERS (DISCUSSIONS) 🔥🔥 групове зображення
English 358
AGAR KISI KO SCAMMER KI INFORMATION NIKALNI HAI TOH CONTACT US❤️🔥DETAILS WILL INCLUDE=🌀IP address🌀ISP🌀IP geolocation🌀Email id (depends) 🌀Photo(depends)❤️GET IN TOUCH WITH US❤️@smitmore2👑🔥@real_dynamic👑🔥

💻 Hack & Exploit 💶

💻 Hack & Exploit 💶 групове зображення
English 356
I share trojans, ransomware and exploits created by me !You can sell all your hacking related stuff.I will organize OPS to hack big servors.§ømetïmes it's fr€€.@N4n0xD4y't share your viruses or ban)

Techo Tech 👨‍💻

Techo Tech 👨‍💻 групове зображення
English 335
For Paid Free Apps 👇OUR CHANNEL : @TECHSUPPORT19This group features✅ Tech News✅ Problem solving✅ Doubt clearing✅ App suggestions✅ Tricks✅ Mod AppsAnd Ask any kind of technology based questions we will answer itas soon as possible.

Hacking Realm

Hacking Realm групове зображення
English 330
🔸Cyber Security Courses🔸Tips & Tricks🔸Hacking & Cracking Stuff🔸Giveaways [Netflix, Amazon Etc]And many more...Join Our Channel - @hackers_tools_storeAdmins - @tools_store_admin @theha_ker

System Design and Architecture

System Design and Architecture групове зображення
English 324
Discussing patterns & best practices of Internet systems / architectures

Hackers Valley chatting

English 292
Join this paid channel and get daily hundreds of premium accounts. Also cracking tricks, combos, proxies, and hacking tools and tutorials much more. Click Here

Technology FAQ

Technology FAQ групове зображення
English 281
Support and get support for IT related FAQ, for System Administrators, Security Professionals etc#technology #FAQ

SPOTO cisco study group

SPOTO cisco study group групове зображення
English 230
Get Cisco Certification quick with SPOTO! 18-year IT training institute 🤓Group Mission: Share for success!*All latest Cisco news*exam tips*free exam demo*study materials*and special offer

Noida Business Network

English 216
Welcome to Noida Business Network Group Kindly add more Members from your contacts.Our purpose of this group is to add more members so that if anyone post some query or ad, it will reach to the maximum people.Pls do not post adult contain.

GNU/Programmers Unite

GNU/Programmers Unite групове зображення
English 188
An ever growing group of programmersOff Topic: @programmers_unite_offtopicForum: https://forum.symnet.moeIRC (bridged): #programmersuniteGroup Stats:

Discussion on Startup Ideas

English 171
Опис не надано


English 169
Опис не надано

Inside of World's Tech

Inside of World's Tech групове зображення
English 167
Опис не надано

Deegeek Nigeria

Deegeek Nigeria групове зображення
English 160
Tech News / Tutorials / SEO / Crypto / Discussion TimeThis group was created based on content on Deegeek Nigeria ( is welcome to join our group and also join our channel @deegeeknigeria

Ubuntu Kylin

Ubuntu Kylin групове зображення
English 148
Ubuntu Kylin Official GroupGroup rules1. Keep it civil2. No NSFW content3. English firstUnofficial User Group(In Russian) @ubuntukylin_ruUKUI Developer Activity channel:@ukui_dev_activity

Oracle Market

Oracle Market групове зображення
English 122
Marketplace for selling spamming tools and malwares.


SPOTO Hot IT Exam групове зображення
English 98
Get Hot IT Certification quick with SPOTO! 18-year IT training institute 🤓Group Mission: Share for success!*All latest IT news*exam tips*free exam demo*study materials*and special offer

Hackers Army [Termux]

Hackers Army [Termux] групове зображення
English 93


Clojure групове зображення
English 93
Welcome to unofficial clojure group!Say nice things at:


Ⱨ₳₵₭ɆⱤ₴ ⱤØɄ₮Ɇ групове зображення
English 73
Опис не надано


bing™(чат) групове зображення
English 72
Опис не надано

Cisco CCNA Dump

English 68
Pass CCNA Exam on the 1st try

CCIE Lab Study Group

CCIE Lab Study Group групове зображення
English 65
Latest CCIE lab exam info, tips, study materials, technology required can be found here! Share for success!

SPOTO PMP Study Group

SPOTO PMP Study Group групове зображення
English 64
Get PMP Certification quick with SPOTO! 18-year IT training institute 🤓Group Mission: Share for success!*All latest PMP news*exam tips*free exam demo*study materials*and special offer

Digital Ham Radio

Digital Ham Radio групове зображення
English 50
Ham Radio Society for Digital Modes(DMR-DStar-Peanut) групове зображення
English 44
This is only for education purpose👉🏻 You will get MCA|BSC-IT &CS|MSC-IT & CS|BCA Notes👉🏻 Free Reference Books👉🏻 MU Question Papers👉🏻 Practical Materials👉🏻 Free Udemy Course 👉🏻 IMP links👉🏻 Free tutorial videos
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