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English 2,637
A group of fine and pure mathématique. Available in crystal and freebase form.Problems Channel : @mathchallengesAstronomy group : @astronomygroup

Мехмат МГУ

Мехмат МГУ group image
Russian 543
Добро пожаловать!Это чатик для тех, кто так или иначе связан с механико-математическим факультетом МГУ.Новости мехмата: @mechmath_newsЧат абитуриентов: @mm_abiturientЧатик на весь МГУ: @msu_central

Maths and Science

Maths and Science group image
English 224
It is a group for discussing Maths and Science. Link @physicsanmath Rules - 1. Topics - Maths and Sciences2. Please use # and give topic to your question it improves the search.3. It is better if you use English to communicate.(Hindi will also do)
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