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Adda24Team/बिहार दरोगा/BPSC/रेलवे

Adda24Team/बिहार दरोगा/BPSC/रेलवे gruppenbild
English 27.863
🚩🚩🚩लक्ष्य बिहार दरोगा 2020-21🚩🚩🚩7AM Science 8AM CHALLENGE TOPIC12pm C.A Mcq1PM दरोगा McQ7pm mix science8PM C.A9pm Gk gs Speedy9:30PM Science FOR Railway Group -D &NTPCJoin👉 @Adda24Team Test Here 👈@Adda24Study Homework Here👈@Adda24Bpsc

English Chatting | STAY HOME!

English Chatting | STAY HOME! gruppenbild
English 23.915
🍃 This is one of the best groups for meeting new people from different countries and cultures.🍃 Let's make new friends and have fun communicating in English.«By the sword we seek peace, butpeace only under liberty»© 02.17.2019


English 17.314

📚Smart Study Together.(All competitive material)🗞📰🔖

📚Smart Study Together.(All competitive material)🗞📰🔖 gruppenbild
English 5.192
☞ This group provide you many pdf and competitive exams material for all exam held in india.(Ebook's library telegram group)All Study Material available in one Platefrom


Mathematics gruppenbild
English 3.430
A group of fine and pure mathématique. Available in crystal and freebase form.

International friendship Zone

International friendship Zone gruppenbild
English 2.017
⛄Welcome to InternationalFriendshipZone⛄Type /rules to read the Rules⛄To report @admin⛄contact us by @friendshipzonereport_botFor MovieLovers@bollywood_movies_at_timeGroup Birthday🎂11july

Global Urban Forum

Global Urban Forum gruppenbild
English 1.845
The Global Urban Forum is a discussion and sharing community. We encourage people to exchange some knowledge through some topics given.Please join the channel @globalurban_channel

Udemy 100% Coupons: Group

Udemy 100% Coupons: Group gruppenbild
English 1.362
We provide paid Udemy Courses for free and any other paid courses out there. Contact Us on @coursecontact_botNote: All courses posted here expires, so when a course is not free it means it coupon has expired.

Mumbai University discussion

Mumbai University discussion gruppenbild
English 1.284
Made by students and made for students.No warnings, Instant bans for breaking rules.⚠️Read rules before writing anything in the group👇⚠️Beware of scammers don't send money to anyone.

Food Science and Technology Desk

Food Science and Technology Desk gruppenbild
English 915
Food science and technology platform #food #science #foodscience

current affairs free video group

current affairs free video group gruppenbild
English 894
#currentaffairs study iq paid for free

English Forward

English Forward gruppenbild
English 850
The Web's Largest "Learn English" Community.

English Practice Chat

English Practice Chat gruppenbild
English 718
For advanced learners only! If you joined just to say "Hi", you'd better leave. Rules:


English gruppenbild
English 699
English's one of the most used language present in the world or in simple word it's an international language. In this group we intend to help each other in developing overall English language skills.

Maths and Science

Maths and Science gruppenbild
English 594
It is a group for discussing Maths and Science. Link @physicsanmath Rules - 1. Topics - Maths and Sciences2. Please use # and give topic to your question it improves the search.3. It is better if you use English to communicate.(Hindi will also do)

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation gruppenbild
English 490
Beschreibung ist nicht vorgesehen

Wien Vienna in English

Wien Vienna in English gruppenbild
English 392
Beschreibung ist nicht vorgesehen

Deep Learning

Deep Learning gruppenbild
English 309
Beschreibung ist nicht vorgesehen


THFX | OLD gruppenbild
English 229
We have a new Community Group @traderholics

Astro Wonders (chat)

Astro Wonders (chat) gruppenbild
English 224
Astro Wonders is a group which is created for those who are seriously interested in Astronomy, Cosmology etc. Wiser can share their ideas, point of views and amazing facts about space. Let's start our journey towards the fantastic space together


knowledge-fusion gruppenbild
English 209
Knowledge is power😍Group Rules:- Dont use Abusive language.- Dont spam.Our channel @knowledge_fusion

English Gangsters - Learn English and Discuss Grammar and Vocabulary

English Gangsters - Learn English and Discuss Grammar and Vocabulary gruppenbild
English 140
Learn and Discuss English Grammar, Vocabulary and Improve English

English with Natives

English with Natives gruppenbild
English 130
❗️A group for speaking practice, use the microphone 🎤❌ don’t spam, discuss religion or politics, send unrelated links or message anyone privately unless they ask you to. THESE CAN GET YOU BANNED.🆘 If you have any questions please message Tara

English Voice Only

English Voice Only gruppenbild
English 101
English's one of the most used language present in the world or in simple word it's an international language. In this group we intend to help each other in developing overall English language skills. voice @th

Around the wolrd

Around the wolrd gruppenbild
English 48
Admin :

Mumbai University discussion

Mumbai University discussion gruppenbild
English 45
Join MU channel @MumbaiUniversityDiscussion group.Ask your queries,Share study material etc.*Rules*

Cambridge Chat

Cambridge Chat gruppenbild
English 44
Beschreibung ist nicht vorgesehen

Learn Things Online

Learn Things Online gruppenbild
English 28
This group build to share some materials to learn blockchain online & news. Check LearnThings.Online

English Taken

English Taken gruppenbild
English 24
Welcome We're here to improve our English skills and knowledgePlease speak English And be politeThank you🚫 No spam🚫 No porn🚫 No ads or links🚫 No racist remarks🚫 No hatred speech under the label of free speechGroup ID : @englishtaken

Русско-Английский обмен

Русско-Английский обмен gruppenbild
English 23
Здравствуйте, после вступления в группу, пожалуйста представтесь, ваше имя, сколько вам лет и ваш город, желательно голосовым сообщением. Здесь у нас языковой обмен, будем рады всем и тем людям которые хорошо знают Английский и изучают Русский также.16+


Enacademic gruppenbild
English 21
Support group for users

Computer science international Group

Computer science international Group gruppenbild
English 17
Come join with us to explore computer knowledge

Ham Radio

Ham Radio gruppenbild
English 16
Ham Radio Society (Analog - DMR-DStar-Peanut)

Practice French

Practice French gruppenbild
English 7
Beschreibung ist nicht vorgesehen

🔋🔋⚙💡🔌🇷-165 🔌 💡 ⚙ 🔋🔋

🔋🔋⚙💡🔌🇷-165 🔌 💡 ⚙ 🔋🔋 gruppenbild
English 5
New energy resources, and the R-165 Battery Development discussion

Home Decor From Amazon

Home Decor From Amazon gruppenbild
English 4
Beschreibung ist nicht vorgesehen

Food Calculator

Food Calculator gruppenbild
English 2
Just ask for ingredient writing its name into the group!


Psy gruppenbild
English 2
Beschreibung ist nicht vorgesehen
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